Innovative quicksear™ Design

The unique hexagon shape maximizes surface area and increases airflow both through the internal channel and around the charcoal. This effect produces significantly higher heat than standard briquets for superior searing of your grilled foods. DuraflameĀ® Instant Lighting Charcoal is the fast, easy way to get perfect steakhouse quality every time you grill.

Performance Benefits

Grilling Tips

DURAFLAME® INSTANT LIGHTING CHARCOAL burns much hotter than regular briquets. You may need to adjust cooking time and, in some cases, grill height to accommodate different types of food and desired heat.

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Searing is a method in which food is first cooked over high, intense heat to caramelize and brown the outer surface, enhancing the food's flavor. Once seared, move the food over lower, indirect heat to finish cooking.

The perfect sear shouldn't be a rare occurance

How To Use

3 easy steps to having the best seared meat on the block. These coals burn very hot. Use indirect grilling method for best results.

1. Open grill air vents and remove cooking grate. Stack about 3 lb (about 45 pieces) of charcoal in a pile on one side of the grill.

2. Light the charcoal with a match or utility lighter. Do NOT use lighter fluid or an electric starter. Leave grill uncovered. Once the charcoal is ashed over and the flames have died down (about 10 min.), replace cooking grate.

3. To sear meat, first place on high temperature side of the grill (directly over hot coals), and sear for a few minutes on each side. Once seared, move to lower temperature side of the grill to finish cooking. To skip searing, cook food on lower temperature side of the grill for the duration of the cooking process.

Close bag tightly after each use.

  • Make sure grill is on a flat surface and away from any flammable items, such as trees, fences & overhangs.
  • Never cover the flaming charcoal with a grill lid. A sudden flare-up could occur when the lid is lifted. Spray with water to control excessive flames.
  • Do not use in water smoker grills.
  • Do not add more instant lighting charcoal after the fire has been lit.
  • After cooking, make sure ashes are completely cool before discarding.

In Hot Pursuit?

This unique new product is currently available in select parts of California & Nevada. And it's coming soon to other regions in the U.S.

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